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Aspen Fence is here to help you through the entire process of designing,

building and maintaining your new fence or deck! Below are some frequently

asked questions that our customers are often curious about.


Who should obtain permit for fence projects?

Usually the customer obtains any permits required because he/she has all of the documentation (ie. Plat of survey, home owners association covenants, bylaws, our proposal) that each village requires.  I f necessary we can assist in the permitting process. As the contractor we provide each village with all of the appropriate information (ie., license application, insurance, bonds, references, etc.) required for us to perform services in their community.


How do I determine where my property boundaries or corner stakes
are located?

The plat of survey will identify to scale the location of each lot line on your property (your plat would be in your home closing documents). If no survey is available and the iron pipes that normally mark property corners are not found a new survey may have to be performed at the expense of the property owner.


How deep do you typically dig post holes?

Most post holes are dug at least 36" below grade unless otherwise required by village code


What does it mean when a village requires you to face the “good side”
of your fence out towards your neighbor?
Depending on the style (usually in wood fencing) certain fences will have support rails or 2”x 4” boards located horizontally on one side of the fence section. This side is refered to as the “bad side” which must be on the inside of the fence or face inward towards the yard. Unless a village has supplied written approval all fences must have the “good side” face outward towards the neighbor.​


Do I have to inform my neighbors that I am going to have a fence installed?

It is always a good practice to let surrounding neighbors know what your intentions are. As the contractor installing your fence occassionally we may have to step on their property to remove existing fence, carry equipment or materials to your location, remove things that are attached to other side of fence, or actually stand on property to build your fence.

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